04 June 2012

An open letter to Mr Neal H. Cruz of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Dear Mr. Neal H. Cruz,

While I have great respect for the publication you write for, I can't help but think what the murals along EDSA has done that caught your attention. It must be really daunting, like a nightmare, that it deserved a piece of your mind for you to dedicate an entire column. Not one, but two.

Have we not had enough negativity with what's happening in our Senate? Must you take a stab on people trying to help?

If this is your opinion, I'm happy to share mine. 


(Photo from Google)
To be honest, this is more nightmare-inducing (Photo from Google)


Bogie Cruz' artwork along San Lorenzo
Artwork along Cubao
I am not trained when it comes to art but I do appreciate a good one, especially something well-thought of and given time and effort to make. If this is how you describe ugly, I wonder what isn't for you?

Oh and kind sir, maybe the child was afraid of the dark underpass rather than the artwork. At least, the child will overcome his fears. Just saying.

Please note that the paint used on the murals is in itself an air-cleaning paint. And it is called Boysen KNOxOUT. Allow me to give you a bit of a background noticing that you did not even bother to type and click search. The paint absorbs energy from the light which transforms water vapor into free radicals that break down the air pollutants. You can watch the video here to help you understand better.

Boysen has in fact provided the paints FREE OF CHARGE so MMDA did NOT spend a dime. The artists were also commissioned by Boysen and the artworks were approved by MMDA. All factors were considered and the parties involved all met in the middle.

In defense of the artists, there are a lot of other artworks which people cannot find any comparison in real life. How about abstract art? I personally do not think they cannot not paint nipa huts or farm animals. I bet my bottom dollar that that they most definitely can. Again, beauty is subjective.

You do, however, make a good point on overpass lights. Maybe MMDA or DPWH are waiting for some company that will offer street lamps for free? I mean, if not for the initiative by Boysen, we all would still be cringing at the sight of the old MMDA (art) graffiti. Why don't you call out to those who would like to donate street lights? That might be a better use of space for your column. 

It was a good move for MMDA to replace the vegetable plants with grass. Perhaps, it is to discourage informal settlers to stay in that area. Come to think of it, street islands are not meant to be used as farm land. And if the informal settlers have somewhere safer to stay, then the Philippines wouldn't have spent so much to cover the slums with fences to hide it. 

Slums hidden behind a fence ahead of the Asian Development (Human Rights Watch)

Let us stop with the bashing and negativity. We have had enough from our government. We deal with it everyday. Maybe you can explore some topics you can write about? Here are some suggestions:
  • How to inspire and motivate young people to write without any bias whatsoever
  • Opinion pieces not tainted with disgust (if it's about the government, we'll let it pass)
  • Not bribing kids with ice cream just to make them stop asking questions

And if you really do not like to see the artwork, then try a different route. 

That is all.

P.S. If you need additional reference you can visit the following links:

Let me know if you need more.

Miko / Czarina Cabuyadao

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