22 July 2010

In a Garden of Green

I should have done this ages ago. I'm doing this because it's fun to be vain sometimes. I'm inspired by Nina Garcia and her books and of course the fashion stuff I read online especially Bryan Boy and Sea of Shoes. I'm not really a fashionable person but I do know I have a sense of style.

And because Che Caparas was talking about how other people take business attire seriously, I snapped a photo of myself in my office attire yesterday.

Of course I didn't pose like this in the office. I took this once I got home using Photo Booth.
This one I took:
Green long-sleeved top (Plains & Prints)
Floral skirt (Cotton On) Blazer (Divi)
Bejeweled slips (Havs) Necklace (gift from Bes)

A quick shot before someone sees me. I love full-length mirrors because I can see the entirety of what I'm wearing. It's cold in the office lately so I wear the blazer, my one and only 'serious' cover up appropriate for work.

How I miss thrift shopping.

And then I got bored at home so I played with my favorite thing of the moment: LIPSTICK!
MAC Cremesheen in Hang Up. Very apt name for a maroon/violet-colored lipstick.

17 July 2010

"I really don't know..."

I haven't updated this for so long. I've been busy with work but a good kind of busy. I'm slowly learning and getting the hang of things. I didn't expect enterprise tech would be this interesting (and hard, I might add).

So back to the main topic of this entry...
A friend asked me how long will I stay here in Singapore to which I replied, five years. Then I felt a rush of thoughts and visions in my head. I recalled my answer and told him instead "I really don't know". Well, the truth is I really don't know because I'm enjoying and I'm quite happy how things turned out for me here.

There are a lot of things I miss but there are things that I have yet to learn and experience out here.
I'm feeling vain so I decided to post this photo which was taken during our company's birthday.

10 July 2010

Boo Yeah! I got you now!

The elusive S-Pass. *bow*

After a month of waiting and walking in and out, to and from various offices, I finally got hold of my work permit a.k.a. the foreigner's ID. I covered the photo on purpose for the reason that ID photos are not my best angle. And yes, I am a legitimate individual in this country working my butt off to pursue my dreams and I love every moment of it.

03 July 2010

Goodbye Lolo Fred!

I'm so sorry I can't be there with you.
Dad said you'd understand.

Thank you for teaching me how to drive.
Thank you for carrying me on your shoulder so the flood won't reach my toes.
Thank you for believing in me and for being so proud of me.

I love you Lolo Fred.

P.S. Please tell Lolo Frank that I love him too when you get to see him in heaven.