25 March 2010

Train Tracks

I suddenly got a thing for train tracks. Well honestly, after watching Before Sunrise I wanted to hop on to a train and go wherever.

So I climb a hill for ten minutes everyday to reach the bus stop for three weeks. And then one day, I discovered a shortcut leading to this track.

I'm not really sure where this leads to but I assumed (in my previous post - Take Me Home) that it goes to Malaysia. I guess I'll have to find out and see.

I wanted to stay in the middle of the tracks to take a photo but I was afraid a train might suddenly show up. Oh, I would also love to have a photo shoot here. :)

All photos are taken by moi using SE W760i.

12 March 2010

ID Photo x 3 = Fab Long Term Visit Pass

March 12, 2010: I finally got my Long Term Visit Pass. I get to stay here in SG for a year. Legitimately. Wee! :)
P.S. Please disregard the photo. I'm fat. I just want to show you how the ID looks like.

I had to shell out S$10 for an ID photo though. IKR, it's expensive. I already have the required ID pic taken in Manila but I think Singaporeans have some issue with the bangs (oh yes, excuses) so I had my photo taken before my appointment.

Good thing, there are photo booths in the area. My first photo was horrendous! The ate did not count so I was smiling for some minutes already and when she finally decided to take the photo I was too tired to smile. She was not very friendly and I had a feeling she won't re-take my picture. So I had to look for another one, a friendlier ate. The first take I had, she said my chin was too high (I said not good). She said let's do it again (I said YES!). And voila!

I have to look good for since I'll be using it for a year (never mind the fugly passport ID which I'll be using for the next six years at least my photo there won't be exposed like this one).

02 March 2010

Of Milkshakes and Belgian Waffle

Summer has officially started.

Last year I kicked off Summer with the fabulous Juaning/Pacific Girls - Keket, PB, Punky, Jel, Iris and Donna - plus my equally fabulous friend, Sasa in Boracay. My first time in the island was definitely a blast - from the island and bar hopping to fruit shakes and hennas by the beach, how can I forget snorkeling, skim boarding, and the
buwis-buhay boat ride plus the buwis-puri stalking.
Ket, Punk, Sasa, Jel, Iris, PB, Donna, and Me.

This year, the start of my summer would be on the streets of Singapore. As a replacement for island hopping, its office searching. While others are walking on the pristine white sand, we're walking on hot concrete. And instead of soul searching
(aka boy hunting), we are job hunting.

This is my official summer adventure. I am a full-time-job-hunter-slash-tourist-on-the-side. Glad I'm not doing this alone though. If that's the case then, I'd surely go bonkers. And after every building visited and every office scoured we need to reward ourselves with sweets.

Caramel Belgian waffle with free vanilla ice cream.

Watermelon and mango shake.

It's just the proper way to end our day.