11 August 2012

Someone asked what hinders me from traveling? I couldn't find an answer for it at that moment. So I blurted out what I was thinking - I still needed to save. It was partly true because I'm scared of the possibility of running out of money while abroad.

I wasn't satisfied with my response.

The question did not escape me. I was still pondering a few days after it was brought up. Still figuring out the answer...

After some time of thinking, I realized that I'm still mustering the courage to travel alone.

That's something I've been wanting to do since I was bitten by the travel bug. It's not that i don't enjoy being with family or friends when I do so. I think it's more of a personal challenge I brought upon myself.

I'm currently on a travel hiatus but I promised myself to break out of it soon.

My next step? I don't know.

But one thing's for sure I'll find a way to overcome this and finally start working to materialize all the plans and itineraries in my head.

For an obsessive compulsive person, sometimes I'm such a scatterbrain. Time to get to work there's a long road ahead and a big world to conquer...

One step at a time.

21 July 2012

#happybirthdaylarkie Part 1

I always look forward to friends visiting me here in Singapore. They bring me a piece of home every time just by their presence.

So for the month of July as part of her birthday celebration, my best friend, Lark, is back in the little red dot. This would make it her second time here. I did not get to spend much time with her the first time because I was on my way to Kota Kinabalu last year.

So I made it a point to make it up to her this year. I had carefully planned the weekend in my head making sure that I have space for adjustments. And with the lovely friends I have, it's most likely to happen.

I volunteered to pick her up like I did last year. I made sure I had the right airport terminal this time because last year, I went to the wrong one. What I did not expect was a wrong bus. It was a rush hour on a Friday so I avoided the trains and I did not want to take a cab because it's gold. That was a wrong decision to take a bus not sure where it ends so I made her wait for 20 minutes or more. But the one thing I love about my best friend is she's very patient and her being excited helped. She was in her birthday mood and is excited as ever.

After the tight hugs, her birthday adventure continues...

The #happybirthday Salubong

For every visitor we have, Maggie Thai is the ideal dinner venue and the staple order include:

Cereal butter prawn, pineapple rice and sambal kang kong.
Of course, dessert is in the menu too. Automatically after dinner is a trip to  Ji De Chi Desserts also along Liang Seah Street.

Catching up over meals is the best.

A Magical #happybirthday

Breakfast was cooked and served for the celebrant. After dragging her for some errands, we had to go for chicken rice, per her request. A birthday won't be complete without a cake. 

Off to the Harry Potter Exhibition we went...

Where she was sorted to Slytherin...

We also passed by the Andy Warhol Exhibition to rest our tired feet...

A day in Singapore will not be complete without eating at Makansutra.

The most fun part of the day is spending it with half of the best(est) friends in the whole wide world.

P.S. Celebration doesn't end here...

25 June 2012

TRAVEL: It was 2006 when I fell in love...

With Singapore.

Singapore was the destination of my first out-of-the-country trip. I could say, it was love at first land.

I did not do any research prior to my vacation because we stayed with my cousin living in the city. It was more 'go with the flow' type of travel.

They were staying at Bukit Timah, where the highest point of Singapore is located. They were staying at a condominium with a beautiful view.

Bukit Timah intersection.
The roads are very clean! No billboards, no shanties, no garbage. I didn't think that was possible.

Their place had a pool. I always think that houses with pools are very cool and that my future home will have one too.
My first attempt at moving shots. My nephew, Antroyce, playing in the pool.

We went around Singapore's various tourist destinations with my cousin and her family. 
Singapore Zoo with Antroyce.
Spotted some cute babies playing. How adorable is that mohawk?
Anjo on a Ben and Jerry's cow.

"Crouching Dragon, Hidden Armpit"
Can't remember if this was the view from the cable car or the sky ride.
Underwater World Singapore with Anjo.
My travel buddy.

By the Singapore River I sat down and dreamed.

Of course, a trip to Singapore requires a stroll along Orchard Road just to go to the different malls along the stretch. 

Very day-off shot at the Orchard MRT before ION Orchard was built.
The love affair has just started. I told myself then that I'll come back, live and if I get lucky, hopefully I could work here too. It was possible, it was a start.

P.S. The adventure continues...