25 February 2010

Singapore Architecture Part 1

When I travel, I always look forward to seeing the buildings. I'm fascinated by them.

I always wonder about the amount of time and energy they - the architects, engineers, construction workers, etc - put into it from the vision to the blue print up until its completion.

Sharing some buildings you can see in Singapore:

Financial District buildings along Marina Bay.

Singapore floating stadium.

Marina Bay Sands.

Singapore Flyer.

Artsy shot of the traditional Chinaware plate and (soup) spoon sculpture and the sun.

Close-up shot of that sculpture above.

22 February 2010

'Happy Birthday Joyce' Holiday

What better way to celebrate it than hanging out?
The place to be since we are bummers --- the library.
After the late lunch with KZ and her sister, Joyce and I went to the National Library.
G-Max Reverse Bungy can wait, it's too expensive as of now.

Photo op with the celebrator using KZ's hip Fuji Polaroid-like cam *envy*.

Happy birthday Joyceeee! Cheers to this adventure. :)
We can do this! Let's make it happen. ;)

UPDATE: Joycee's birthday treat - frozen yogurt. I miss this cold comfort.

Take Me Home

Sometimes I just wish that I'm not four hours away by plane from home.

Homesickness kicks in again.

Photo taken by moi using my SE W760i cam phone. The view from the bedroom where I sleep during weekends.

The train tracks leading to Malaysia.

21 February 2010

Dewey Decimal System

I love books.

The affair started with Nancy Drew in high school. I vowed to read and finish all the mystery novels before I graduate, which I was able to do *yay to me*. And now, as a follow up on that vow I plan to buy the whole set so I can build my very own library. Haha! Which will take me several years to finish considering the state of my pocket.

I had several dilemmas while preparing for the SG adventure - what books must I bring with me and what about my other books dilemma. Talk about separation anxiety with books. I even thought of arranging it into a file so I can track my growing library before leaving. I already started it actually. I typed the books I have saving it in a Microsoft Excel document and if my OC persona kicks in, I will eventually start filing it using the Dewey Decimal System (which I am currently studying and internalizing).

Considering the luggage limit of Cebu Pacific (15 kilos), I was able to bring only the following books:
1. P.S. I Love You by Cecilia Ahern from Junie. I started reading it late 2009 but still not done so I plan to finish reading it here since I've already watched the movie (which made me cry a river).
I have a thing for read-the-book-before-they-turn-it-into-a-major-motion-picture-and-change-the-cover-and-increase-the-book-price so I MUST READ ALL BOOKS.

2. Nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style and The One Hundred. Since Singaporeans are quite fashionistas and shopaholics, must step up if I want to keep up or get ahead of them.
And the greatest thing in a foreign country with little money to spare, you can always find bargains. I found these in Suntec City Mall: not one but two Neil Gaiman books - Coraline and Stardust for S$ 3.00 each (that makes it Php 96.00 each).Still, I miss Book Sale.

Start of Something New

So here it is. :)

I've been bugging Joyce and I've been telling Chen that I wanted to start something like this *points finger at the home page of this blog*. And now I'm really making it and doing it and typing and... OK! So where do I start?

I've had the EPEC (Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate) for a year and a half now and I've really been thinking about long term plans since I've graduated college. And by long term plans I mean getting rich, traveling the world, and buying all the stuff I want. And the plan goes something like this:
1. Find a job to put into practice all the things I've learned from school (and make sure my parents' money isn't wasted).
2. Learn, make mistakes, learn again, be better.
3. Think of other opportunities.
4. Dream, plan.
And #s 5 to 9 goes something like this:
Well, #9 is an option but i would rather change it to the one phrase that sticks to me ever since I had my first job: MAKE IT HAPPEN.

So I've done #s 1 to 6 and now I find myself here in SG using my EPEC and in search of a job and this is where the start of something new begins.