10 September 2010

My 24th in Singapore

Guess what? I've been here for 7 friggin' months. I can't believe I've lasted this long but I'm really enjoying except for the occasional homesickness and boredom.

As promised to whoever wastes their time reading this blog, my birthday post. Enjoy!

Part of living in a foreign country is experiencing your many firsts. No sleazy thoughts please, haha! And so here I was, celebrating my FIRST... wait for it... BIRTHDAY here in Singapore.

I didn't really have a plan, my birthday this year falls on a Saturday and that's my wherever-my-lazy-bum-drags-me day. I was thinking of spending it all by my lonesome cause I like not making plans. But the celebration started a day early thanks to my colleagues.

27 Aug, Friday: It was moving day in our office so everyone was busy and I didn't actually expect them to know that it's my day the next day. I was really surprised when everyone gathered in the meeting room and presented me this lovely and delicious homemade chocolate cake. It was gone in minutes!

Chocolate cake baked by Elsa

After work, I met up with Joycee, Joe and Cho for my birthday salubong. Joycee gave another chocolate cake, Joe gave me dark chocolate flavored jelly beans and Cho gave me a box of cookies from Penang.

Birthday salubong in McDonald's Raffles Place 

28 August, Saturday - Actual Birthday: Keeping up with my tradition of celebrating my birthday in the office (since I started working), I actually went to the office and cleaned my desk. And then Wai and I went to get our hair done - which was actually my first haircut here. It was my team's gift for my birthday. Sweet, aren't they? 
 Wai and me and our new hair.
Dinner with Lewis and Wai.

After dinner, Wai and I went to Resorts World in Sentosa to watch Voyage de la Vie. It was amazing, but not as amazing as Cirque du Soleil, well I haven't watched one yet but it's definitely in my list of to do's. No pictures for this portion because I forgot my other phone at home.

I really had a fun day filled with love despite the fact that I'm 1486.24 miles away from home and not being able to spend it with family and friends. At least I know that they remember me because of the overwhelming greetings I got. I'm grateful for another year to live my life, another year to spend it with new friends, another year to make my dreams come true. ;-)