22 April 2012

TRAVEL: Haji Lane

I love Singapore. I'm pretty sure it's very obvious by now. I love how it is very clean, organized, accessible, tropical, modern, nature-friendly, cosmopolitan, conservative and vibrant. I could go on and on ... 

I've been to 'touristy' places in Singapore so it's part of my resolution this year to discover more of this lovely state. First up - Haji Lane.

The first time I've been in the area was September 2011 when I met with my friend Pam (a.k.a. Polish Police). They were on a media tour and she dragged me along. It was around noon on a weekend and we were hoping to go around but since we were too early, all shops were still closed. I've been hearing a lot about it so I vowed to go back there and explore. 

I did go back a few times because my new found friends from the Filipino Dragons (Singapore-based dragon boat team) often hang out and have a few drinks (or more) around the area. Well, it was too dark to see the graffiti so I can't fully appreciate it.

Fast forward to one sunny weekend in March after a bah kut teh brunch with my two awesome bosses/friends, we decided to go look for dessert. Their trusty Google Maps led us a quaint ice cream parlor along Haji Lane. 

Gi: I think it's somewhere there... (unsure)
While they searched for dessert, I started snapping away...

More photos after the jump:

10 April 2012

Cold feet

It's the day you never wanted to come but cannot wait to be over with.

But this decision, I have to make. I'm never one to run away from problems. In fact, I love resolutions. So, there is no other way but to do what needs to be done. It's time to put myself before anything else. Time to claim what is rightfully mine or at least what I deserve.

That's what life is about, how it usually is - never-ending decisions. That's what one will always have - CHOICE.