11 August 2012

Someone asked what hinders me from traveling? I couldn't find an answer for it at that moment. So I blurted out what I was thinking - I still needed to save. It was partly true because I'm scared of the possibility of running out of money while abroad.

I wasn't satisfied with my response.

The question did not escape me. I was still pondering a few days after it was brought up. Still figuring out the answer...

After some time of thinking, I realized that I'm still mustering the courage to travel alone.

That's something I've been wanting to do since I was bitten by the travel bug. It's not that i don't enjoy being with family or friends when I do so. I think it's more of a personal challenge I brought upon myself.

I'm currently on a travel hiatus but I promised myself to break out of it soon.

My next step? I don't know.

But one thing's for sure I'll find a way to overcome this and finally start working to materialize all the plans and itineraries in my head.

For an obsessive compulsive person, sometimes I'm such a scatterbrain. Time to get to work there's a long road ahead and a big world to conquer...

One step at a time.